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Swig of Color Fundraising events support local organizations through relaxing social experiences. We’ve held fundraising events everywhere from private homes to horse farms, and there’s really no limit to what you can raise money for or where you can host. We’re here to help support you, so please reach out with any questions or ideas you may have. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Fundraising Event Details

  • Swig of Color creates an information and registration page for your event, which you are encouraged to promote via email, social media and anywhere else you’d like.
  • Using this page, we’ll manage all registrations, funds, and changes for you.
  • We require that at least 15 painters be signed up one week prior to the event.
  • We prefer a minimum of 20, but will still host the fundraiser with 15-19 painters at a 35% profit margin.

Fundraising Event Prices

You are welcome to charge higher prices; however, sign ups tend to be stronger when events follow our suggested price points. If you do charge more, the difference between what we charge and you charge is extra money to your cause. Just keep in mind that this may result in less signups overall.

Expected Profit Margins

20-25 painters = 40% to the organization

26-49 painters = 45% to the organization

50 painters = 50% to the organization

How to Plan Your Event

  1. Choose a date and time for your fundraising event.
  2. Visit our gallery to choose a canvas or pallet.
  3. Complete the event request form.
  4. Share your fundraising event page with friends, families and supporters.
  5. Be sure to get at least 15 signups and plan your profit margin accordingly.
  6. Get ready to paint!

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